Public relations agency - Request For Proposals (RFP)

About 5TONIC:
5TONIC is an open research and innovation laboratory focusing on 5G technologies.
The objective of 5TONIC is to create a global open environment where members from industry and academia work together in specific research and innovation projects related to 5G technologies with a view to boost technology and business innovative ventures. The laboratory will promote joint project development and entrepreneurial ventures, discussion fora, events and conference sites in an international environment.
Current members of 5TONIC are Telefonica, IMDEA Networks Institute, Ericsson, Intel, Commscope, University Carlos III (Madrid), Cohere Technologies, Artesyn Embedded Technologies and InterDigital.
Purpose of the rfp:
5TONIC has been increasingly ramping up its operations and collaborating with industries to trial cellular 5th generation use cases. These collaborations, together with increasing public interest in the evolution of 5G has raised the profile of 5TONIC. The association now needs professional assistance to manage its public relations agenda and promote its brand.
5TONIC will award the contract for a period of 1 year, starting January 1, 2018.
The contract will have a minimum duration of 6 months, with possibility from either party to stop the collaboration without necessary cause with a minimum of 30 days notice.
The budget is fixed, at €1,200.00 per month plus applicable taxes and distribution / logistics costs.
  • The agency will submit for approval a communications plan for 2018.
  • The agency will draft, seek approval and distribute press releases.
  • The agency will reach out, organize briefings with specialized media and analyst community.
  • The agency will maintain and organize the editorial planning for press release, media outreach, social media.
  • The agency will manage the social media accounts (web site, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • The agency will coordinate agenda, approvals and PR related matters with the 5Tonic communications committee and their respective PR counterparts in the member companies.
  • The agency will draft editorials, blog posts and articles as needed and as per the communications plan.
  • The agency will help in the organization of media events (industry plugfests, conference speeches, press conferences…)
  • The agency will manage and maintain the 5TONIC brand and its visual guidelines.
Selection process:
The companies interested in participating are invited to acknowledge their intent to before November 30 before December 8th (deadline extended).
The participants are invited to send their proposal before Friday December 8 to
The winning company will be notified before December 22, 2017

Download this RFP in PDF [PDF  359 KB]