Provides pathway to funding for EU projects

Recognises the co-creation work taking place in the Madrid 5G laboratory

The 5TONIC co-creation laboratory in Madrid has been recognised as a centre for excellence in 5G technology and awarded the status of an official Digital Innovation Hub by the European Commission.

The Commission founded the Hubs as part of its drive towards creating the Digital Single market in Europe. It is investing a total of €500 million to enable both large and small industries to gain access to knowledge and testing facilities in digital technologies.

The 5TONIC co-creation laboratory, founded by Telefónica and IMDEA Networks, was established to help its member companies – which include Ericsson, Intel, Commscope, Cohere, Red Hat and Altran - to collaborate with industry to develop and test solutions for the next generation of 5G mobile technology networks.

The Commission describes digital innovation hubs as European centres of excellence within technical universities and research organisations that are able to provide companies with access to facilities for digital innovation, to supply advice on potential sources of funding, and to make space available for testing and experimentation. The 5TONIC co-creation laboratory was established to fulfil that purpose.

“Being recognised as an official digital innovation hub is excellent news for 5TONIC, for all of our member companies, and for the partner companies in the industry sectors that we have targeted,” Arturo Azcorra, Vice President of 5TONIC and Director of IMDEA Networks.

“Achieving this status reinforces our status as a leading 5G test facility, endorses the quality of the research we have undertaken so far, and opens the door to valuable EU projects that can fuel future research for our members and partners within our co-creation laboratory,” he added.

The full list of member companies now participating in the 5TONIC project are its two co-founders Telefónica and IMDEA Networks Institute; and a further nine member organizations: Ericsson, Intel, CommScope, University Carlos III of Madrid, Cohere Technologies, Artesyn Embedded Technologies, InterDigital, Altran, and Red Hat.