Industry and academia have come together to boost European technology and business innovation ventures.

5TONIC seeks to connect and cooperate with both large companies and SMEs, as well as institutions, related or not with ICT, such as the automotive, energy, food and agriculture, city management, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation industries, etc. We are looking for peers in vertical areas that are interested in engaging in joint projects or activities related to 5G.


For these purposes, a flexible collaborator agreement has been designed, allowing for specific cooperation activities for a limited period of time in conditions to be agreed on by all parties involved. Testing a new technological component or a new application that may benefit from new 5G capabilities is feasible in this framework, in that it allows for the use of 5TONIC’s infrastructure and also guarantees the protection of IPRs and confidentiality as established in the agreement.


Below you can see who we’re currently collaborating with. If you are interested in becoming a 5TONIC collaborator, contact us through our form.

Gold collaborators

Nokia creates the technology to connect the world, developing and delivering the industry’s only end-to-end portfolio of network equipment, software, services and licensing that is available globally. Nokia customers include communications service providers whose combined networks support 6.1 billion subscriptions, as well as enterprises in the private and public sector that use its network portfolio to increase productivity and enrich lives. Through Nokia research teams, including the world-renowned Nokia Bell Labs, it is leading the world to adopt end-to-end 5G networks that are faster, more secure and capable of revolutionizing lives, economies and societies. Nokia adheres to the highest ethical business standards as we create technology with social purpose, quality and integrity.

Standard collaborators

ASTI is an international engineering company developing made-to-measure solutions to optimise intralogistics through automation. ASTI is one of the companies included into ASTI Technologies Group (ATG), created to deliver technology-based solutions to optimise industrial productivity. Ever since they started providing automated intralogistics solutions in 1982 their main objective has remained invariable: increasing our customers’ competitiveness. We count with a wide range of AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles), all designed and produced to maximise intralogistics flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness. AGVs as collaborative mobile robotics, play a key role in this new manufacture paradigm. Factories are being redesigned to room all this technology to implement their plants, increase their production rates and overall keep the track of the data to achieve valuable information about use, tastes… AGVs are evolving to more complex vehicles, able to combine conveyance and handling, able to skip obstacles without missing the route thanks to advanced guiding systems. All the hardware elements in the system are managed by SIGAT, our 100%-proprietary software module. It controls the global functioning of the system by collecting the data in the plant and therefore communicating with the vehicles to better perform the transport activity achieving the optimum productivity. ASTI is one of the main AGV system producers because of their wide range of AGVs suitable for all kind of materials and their ability as an engineering to customise their solutions to their customers’ needs.

Rohde & Schwarz is an international group of companies headquartered in Munich (Germany) which develops, produces and markets innovative test and measurement, information and communications technology products for professional users. Rohde & Schwarz focuses on test and measurement, broadcast and media, cybersecurity, secure communications and monitoring and network testing, areas that address many different industry and government-sector market segments. Founded more than 80 years ago, the independent company has an extensive sales and service network in more than 70 countries. On June 30, 2017, Rohde & Schwarz had approximately 10,500 employees and achieved a net revenue of approximately EUR 1.9 billion.

Celling 5G was born in 2018 as the solution of the telco’s industry challenge to deploy small cells. It brings near the future of 5G small cells to the consumer. Celling 5G is a telco infrastructure operator to host short range equipment for wireless communications. It owns a widespread network of sites distributed across countries and offers to telcos end-to-end services in these sites. Calling5G also provide power and data access for operator in the locations, becoming into a one-stop window for the operators to deploy short range equipment. The industry is focusing in hosting short range equipment inside urban furniture. The power and data access to the urban furniture and the managing process of public tenders boost the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the infrastructure and decelerates the deployment. Celling5G resolve all this barriers by installing small cells in a privet environment were the power and data access are cost-effective and time-effective solved.

Unmanned Teknologies Applications S.L. (UTEK) is a business initiative started in 2016 with the objective of developing high reliability and advanced performances unmanned vessels (Unmanned Surface Vehicles – USV). Utek is composed of a multidisciplinary group of professionals with broad experience in complex projects in the fields of aerospace, unmanned systems, and naval electronics. Among their customers, there are some of the most important maritime entities at national and international level, as well as Security and Armed Forces from several countries. The demand of unmanned vessels for naval applications is increasing due to the wide variety of applications from maritime surveillance to oceanic research and a wide range of purposes.

Telcaria is an SME providing advanced services to network operators and equipment manufacturers worldwide. Partnering with network operators to redesign their products towards NFV and SDN based network infrastructure and cloud-computing applications. Telcaria is headquartered in Madrid, Spain, and has collaborations with the IMDEA Networks and top Universities in the area: UC3M, UPM and UAH. This critical mass of networking expertise located in very close proximity creates many synergies, having the members of these institutions a history of fruitful collaboration between them. The company is currently working in three H2020 EU projects (5GEVE, 5GROWTH and 5G-DIVE), collaborates as an expert in the Master of SDN&NFV technologies offered by UC3M and is currently actively developing and commercially distributing Alviu, its SD-WAN solution.

Innovalia is a strategic alliance of companies with a technological base, which begins in 2000, consolidating business activities and development of seven companies with a technological base and more than 30 years of experience. Innovalia has a philosophy based on three fundamental pillars: innovation, technology and internationalisation. Innovalia has grown and developed its business in four areas: Consulting, Metrology, Information Society and Technological Development. The union of the different characteristics of the group allows Innovalia to develop a strategy to design and implement projects in a flexible way with the creation of multidisciplinary teams.

Founded in 2018, DeepSight AI Labs Pvt Ltd is an intelligent and predictive Artificial Intelligence ComputerVision surveillance platform. DeepSight’s product, SuperSecure is an AI-powered smart surveillance platform, universally compatible retrofit solution, works with any CCTV camera – analog, IP or hybrid that adds intelligence to any CCTV system – to detect potential threats from multiple video streams. Once it finds any threat, it sends five-way alerts instantly to prevent incidents and save human lives and protect valuable assets. The company have labs in Bangalore and Gurgaon (India), and it has developed a solution that can address various industries namely Retail, Logistics, Warehouse, Banking, etc, where computer vision can make an impact on increasing business value and security.

Fivecomm is a Spanish SME based in Valencia, focused on research and development activities of 5G solutions for industry verticals. Founded by members of the academia that were involved from the beginning in the 5G development, with experience in digital transformation. The best of these two worlds joins together in Fivecomm with a single mission: to facilitate the adoption of 5G technologies by vertical industries. Research is one of our fundamental pillars. With that aim, we have the talent and contrasted experience leading 5G international research projects. This permits us to be at the forefront in this technology and apply it to advanced solutions for the industry.

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