The objective of 5TONIC is to create an open global environment where members from industry and academia work together. Here you can find useful information about our work available for downloading.

White Papers

The next step towards the future of the network

5TONIC, has released a new White Paper titled “Exploring the future of the network”. The White Paper have been prepared by the lab members and expands its ecosystem in view of the new technological activities that will be introduced in the evolution towards 6G.

Direct Access to Mobile Services by Users in Airplanes

This White Paper explores a potential new operational model for the provision of mobile services to users in airplanes, based on the reuse, as far as possible, of the mobile network infrastructure of terrestrial operators, as well as the frequencies they have licensed.

5TONIC startups ecosystem

In this White Paper, we review the initiatives 5TONIC has undertaken forpromoting the 5G ecosystem with new companies and startups.


We list some of the projects that have been undertaken in the last three years identified by the startup that was/is/will be involved.


The Journey from 1G to 5G

5TONIC Ecosystem

5 things 5G can do in case of isolation


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