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  • Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

  • University College London

  • Telefónica Investigación y Desarrollo

  • University of Macedonia

  • University of Campinas

  • Federal University of São Carlos

  • Federal University of Uberlândia

  • Federal University of Pará

  • Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte

  • CPqD Telecom Research and Development Center

  • Federal University of Goiás

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The NECOS project addresses relevant limitations of current cloud computing infrastructures to respond to the new services demands, as presented in two use-cases that are instantiated in a set of six scenarios. The first use-case is telco service provider focused and is oriented towards the adoption of cloud computing in large networks. The second use-case is targeting the use of edge clouds to support devices with limited computation and storage capacity. The envisaged solution is based on a new concept – Lightweight Slice Defined Cloud (LSDC) – as an approach that extends the virtualization to all the resources in the participating networks and data centers, providing uniform management with advanced levels of orchestration.


The NECOS approach is manifested in a newly developed platform whose main distinguishing features are:


  • The Slice as a Service as new deployment model. A slice is a grouping of resources managed as a whole, which can accommodate service components, independent of other slices.
  • Embedded algorithms for an optimal allocation of resources to slices in the cloud and networking infrastructure to respond to the dynamic changes of the various service demands.
  • A management and orchestration approach making use of artificial intelligence techniques in order to tackle the complexity of large-scale virtualized infrastructure environments.
  • Making reality the lightweight principle in terms of small footprint components deployable on a large number of small network and cloud devices at the edges of the network.

5TONIC Involvement

5TONIC is the main experimental site in Europe for the NECOS project, hosting some of the architectural components of the solution and being of the end-to-end slices deployed between Europe and Brazil.

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