Teresa Riesgo, Secretary General for Innovation of the Ministry of Science and Innovation, visits the facilities of the open research laboratory for innovation of 5G technology, 5TONIC.

Ana Isabel Cremades, General Director of Research and Technological Innovation of the Community of Madrid, also attended the visit, where 5TONIC highlighted the importance of public-private collaboration for the development of technological innovation projects in communication networks.

Madrid, March 21st, 2022. The Secretary General of Innovation of the Ministry of Science and Innovation, Teresa Riesgo, and the General Director of Research and Technological Innovation of the Community of Madrid, Ana Isabel Cremades, visited last Wednesday 16th of March, the 5TONIC facilities in Madrid, with the aim of reinforcing the importance of public-private collaboration in the development of technological innovation projects, for the improvement of the future of communications networks.

Juan Carlos García, president of 5TONIC and vice president of Innovation at Telefónica, along with Jesús Luis Folgueira Chavarria, head of the transport network research line, presented the projects and activities which are being carried out in the laboratory.
Since its establishment in 2015, founded by Telefónica and IMDEA Networks, 5TONIC has carried out different 5G technology implementation tests for different solutions and industries. For example, in the field of health, the emergency services assistance system based on 5G, within the framework of the European innovation project 5G-TRANSFORMER, as well as solutions for industry 4.0, transport and automotive, surveillance, video games, tourism, and for the efficient management of cities, the so-called smart cities.

The importance of having this kind of collaboration spaces in the industry was stressed throughout the visit, so that they act as hubs for the different vertical sectors, and where the technology companies in charge of developing the new networks, can work together with the rest of the companies and organizations.

«5TONIC is an example of public-private collaboration in the field of innovation on 5G technologies. The network infrastructure deployed in the lab allows the development of long-term projects that help test and refine the different technological components. In addition, the lab contributes to the development of the technology and its standards, beyond the feasibility of acquiring an end-to-end vision of what the networks of the future will be,» said Garcia.

5TONIC is a hub for knowledge sharing in 5G technology between industries and large companies and SMEs. It provides a network infrastructure for the development and testing of new products and services based on this technology. Thus, all key stakeholders are involved throughout the process. The laboratory aims to turn the theoretical capabilities of the fifth generation of networks into enablers of real use cases applicable to different vertical industries.

Teresa Riesgo, took the opportunity to express her support for innovation and research in the field of technology and telecommunications. The date coincided with the recent announcement by the Ministry of Science and Innovation of an investment of 238 million euros in the different Autonomous Regions with the goal of reinforcing scientific infrastructures and improving cooperation in R+D.
On her part, Isabel Cremades reaffirmed her commitment to digitalization. The Community of Madrid aims to promote this process and carries out policies that help both citizens and companies to adapt to new technologies. An example of this, is the recent announcement to allocate 120 million euros for the digital transformation of classrooms and teacher training.
Also on March 16th, a tour of IMDEA Networks’ facilities took place and its Deputy Director, Albert Banchs, made a presentation on some of the most recent advances in its research lines. During the visit, several demos were shown, carried out by 5TONIC collaborator ASTI (now part of ABB) and by 5TONIC member University Carlos III Madrid in collaboration with Ericsson Sweden (developed in the context of the 5G Dive project in cooperation with Taiwan).

About 5TONIC

5TONIC was initiated by Telefónica and IMDEA Networks Institute with a clear vision to create an open research and innovation ecosystem laboratory in which industry and academia come together to boost technology and business innovative ventures. The laboratory promotes joint project development, joint entrepreneurial ventures, discussion fora, events and conference sites, all in an international environment of the highest impact. 5TONIC serves to show the capabilities and interoperation of pre-commercial 5G equipment, services and applications, by leading global companies in the 5G arena. The laboratory was recently awarded Digital Innovation Hub status by the European Commission.

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