Two projects validated at 5TONIC are recognized in the 3rd edition of the 5G PPP Infrastructure Trials and Pilots brochure

Two projects validated at 5TONIC are recognized in the 3rd edition of the 5G PPP Infrastructure Trials and Pilots brochure

The third edition of the 5G PPP Infrastructure Trials and Pilots brochure is now available here.

5TONIC was the only laboratory chosen by the three major pan-European projects funded by the European Union in the ICT-17 call of Horizon 2020

The 5G PPP (5G Public Private Partnership) is a joint initiative between the European Commission and the European ICT industry (ICT manufacturers, telecommunications operators, service providers, SMEs and research institutions), which is currently in its third phase, with projects that began in June 2018.

The objective of 5G PPP is to develop, by means of cooperative projects, innovative technologies and applications supported by the 5G mobile communications system that improve not only the speed of physical data, but also help to create a new ecosystem around it. Further the initiative has a goal of enabling the implementation of innovative mobile broadband services and applications, both for industry verticals and end users.

These projects are part of the EU’s Horizon 2020 program and constitute an initiative endowed with a budget of 700 million euros by the EU, with an equal amount being contributed by the industry. 5TONIC was the only laboratory chosen by the three large pan-European projects funded by the European Union in the ICT Call – 17 5G End to End Facility: in charge of developing 5G technology test infrastructures for vertical European companies: 5G EVE, 5G VINNI and 5Genesis.

A selection of the most remarkable results of some of the Horizon 2020 projects are made known by 5G PPP through a series of yearly published brochures, the last one, which corresponds to the third edition, launched coinciding with the IEEE 5G World Forum 2021. In this third edition, the projects that have achieved a notable progress and positive impact in the trials and pilots of 5G PPP projects were collected, including 5G EVE and 5G Growth. Both have been validated at the 5TONIC laboratory by our collaborators ASTI and Innovalia.


The objective of the selected demo of the 5G EVE project is to evaluate the feasibility of operating in autonomous factories connected to 5G (AGVs), moving the control of the vehicles out of the physical unit and implementing it in a computing node that meets the latency requirements for the operation of the AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle). In this case, the AGV collects the information from its sensors and sends it to the virtual controller through a 5G NSA wireless connection. This information from the sensors is processed in the virtual controller, identified as a virtual PLC (Programmable Logic Controller, which normally resides in the vehicle itself), and generates the orders to be executed by the AGV’s actuators. These orders are sent back through the wireless connection to the AGV.

The tests took place in the 5TONIC laboratory, where a circuit for two AGVs with 5G NSA coverage has been deployed. In addition to controlling vehicle mobility, the demo incorporates the ability to process video in real time. Real-time image processing, mainly to identify obstacles and activate the collision avoidance mechanism, is supported by a camera deployed on the AGV and is performed on a processing platform deployed at the edge of the network.

The tests carried out demonstrate several potential benefits of mobility control virtualization for current and future use of self-guided vehicles in factories. Among them we’ll highlight: the optimization and readjustment of the routes, as well as the coordination between the AGVs facilitated by the implementation of a centralized control; a lower cost of the AGV, by not having to incorporate the processing capacities; easier equipment maintenance; and increased reliability thanks to the virtualization of centralized processing. Furthermore, these results show the low end-to-end delay between the AGV and the remote controller provided by the 5G network, allowing the AGV to move smoothly.


The 5Growth project seeks to automate, through an end-to-end 5G solution powered by an AI, the process of supporting various vertical industries. This is possible through the interconnection of various sectors with 5G End-to-End platforms; closed loop automation and SLA control for life cycle management of vertical services; and end-to-end network solutions powered by AI to jointly optimize access, transport, core and cloud resources.

5Growth will take advantage of the results of the 5G-PPP phase 2 projects, in which fragmentation, virtualization and multidomain solutions are being developed and validated for the creation and delivery of vertical services, such as, for example, 5G-TRANSFORMER and 5G-MONARCH. Now that industry and metrology 4.0 will evolve towards fast and flexible processes, digitization and 5G are essential tools for quality control paradigm transformation.

The main objective of 5Growth is the technical and business validation of 5G technologies from the point of view of vertical sectors, following an approach based on field tests in vertical sites (TRL 6-7). The demo selected by 5G PPP proposes the use of 5G connectivity for the deployment of quality control services for 4.0 workers, which connect at any time and place; the connection between the M3 metrology software and the coordinate measuring machine (MMC); and the video system that supports remote operation. This allows personalized and remote assistance for decision-making and quality control.


5TONIC has taken advantage of current and future resources to give researchers access to the products and services of 5G networks. All projects have been promoted by the founders of the laboratory (Telefónica and IMDEA) and members and collaborators of 5TONIC such as Ericsson, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Asti, InterDigital, Nokia and Innovalia.

The laboratory will continue working on the implementation of solutions based on 5G, aimed at an increasingly secure, efficient and connected society. With an already consolidated trajectory, and after having collaborated with the main agents of the industry, 5TONIC is ready to continue growing and innovating in new projects where new technologies have a significant impact on society. These advances were presented by experts from industry, academia and research, who presented their vision during the IEEE 5G World Forum held this October.

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