The 5TONIC co-creation laboratory in Madrid has been confirmed as one of only four European test beds responsible for creating and testing proof-of-concept demonstrations for the EU-backed 5G-Transformer project. 

Arturo Azcorra, Vice President of 5TONIC and a Director of IMDEA Networks, was one of the key speakers at at the INTO 2018 International Innovation and Tourism Seminar in Mallorca last month. He took part in a session that looked at the opportunities that 5G technology offers for the innovation and development of new tourist services

5TONIC Laboratory showcases 5G technology demonstrations to GSMA strategy group Chair

The 5TONIC co-creation laboratory recently gave an impressive demonstration of future 5G use cases to Julio Linares Lopez, chair of the GSMA’s strategy group and member of its Board. A group of 5TONIC’s senior executives from the member companies attended the event and presented the latest working examples of how 5TONIC is investigating the potential of 5G technology to drive new use cases in vertical markets

The 5TONIC 5G co-creation laboratory in Madrid, together with some of its member companies, has been awarded a vital role in three high-profile EU-sponsored 5G development projects. The awards cement the laboratory’s position as one of Europe’s foremost 5G digital innovation centers.