Officials from the Department of Education and Research of Madrid were given a guided tour of the 5TONIC international 5G co-creation laboratory. These key decision-makers and enablers within Madrid’s education, research and innovation ecosystem were keen to learn about the lab’s current activities to boost technology, entrepreneurship and business innovation ventures.

The 5TONIC co-creation laboratory in Madrid has been confirmed as one of only four European test beds responsible for creating and testing proof-of-concept demonstrations for the EU-backed 5G-Transformer project. 

Arturo Azcorra, Vice President of 5TONIC and a Director of IMDEA Networks, was one of the key speakers at at the INTO 2018 International Innovation and Tourism Seminar in Mallorca last month. He took part in a session that looked at the opportunities that 5G technology offers for the innovation and development of new tourist services

<p>5TONIC Laboratory showcases 5G technology demonstrations to GSMA strategy group Chair</p>

<p>The 5TONIC co-creation laboratory recently gave an impressive demonstration of future 5G use cases to Julio Linares Lopez, chair of the GSMA’s strategy group and member of its&nbsp;Board. A group of 5TONIC’s senior executives from the member companies attended the event and presented the latest working examples&nbsp;of how 5TONIC is investigating the potential of 5G technology to drive new use cases in vertical markets</p>